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Maple Leaf Necklace

Maple Leaf Necklace

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Turn heads this winter with our exquisite Maple Leaf Jewelry Collection. 

 Elevate your winter style with this jewelry collection, as it adds a touch of sophistication and charm to your ensemble. The rich orange zircon captures the cozy, inviting aura of a crackling fire on a cold winter's night. Whether you're attending a holiday party or looking to make a statement, this jewelry is the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless beauty.

  • An ideal gift for loved ones, expressing your affection and thoughtfulness.
  • Suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • Elevates the appeal of various outfits and colors.
  • Perfect for holiday parties and festive gatherings.
  • Create a bold fashion statement with its eye-catching design.
  • Perfect for both casual and formal occasions


➽ Care Instructions

𖧹 Do not spray on perfume or other sprays while wearing your gold-plated jewelry.
𖧹 Wait until your lotion or cream is dry or has been absorbed by your skin before you wear your gold-plated ring, bracelet or necklace.
𖧹 Substances like oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, and perfume may react with metal/plated jewelry and cause it to tarnish. This is also true for sweat, so make sure you remove your gold-plated jewelry when you exercise or doing anything requiring heavy work and when swimming.







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